Basic protective measures against the new Corona Virus

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I’m feeling better and no longer want to continue therapy, what do I do?

Dec8th 2020

Our goal is to do just that, get you feeling better and to a point where you no longer need physical therapy. If at any time during your plan of care you are feeling better, let your treating therapist know so that together you can schedule your discharge visit. This visit is crucial as it

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What if my doctor or specialist does not want to provide me with a referral or sign my initial evaluation?

Dec8th 2020

Should your doctor or specialist not want to provide you with a referral or sign your initial evaluation, we may refer you to one of our partnering doctors to help you out. Keep in mind that in doing so, you will be required to make an appointment in order to get a referral or your

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Do I need a referral to start physical therapy?

Dec8th 2020

As of September 1, 2019, Texas became a direct access state. What this means for you is that you can come see a physical therapist for the first 10 consecutive days without a referral from your doctor.  After the 10 days, we will require that a referral be sent to us by your doctor or

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