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Alex Gonzalez, CPT, PTT

Alex Gonzalez, CPT, PTT, Physical Therapy Technician, Certified Personal Trainer

Alex is an experienced physical therapy technician being hands-on for about 4 years now. He has also obtained his Personal trainer certification and is driven to getting individuals to their fitness goals. He is currently attending South Texas College working on obtaining his associate’s in Kinesiology to later become a Teacher/Coach.

Being big on fitness Alex was inspired to get his Personal training Certification. With the fitness programs put into place, he plays a big role in individuals’ diets and workout regimens. All this goes into play with wanting to become a coach, and educator later on in the future.

Alex is a big NBA fan and roots for the Houston Rockets. During his free time, he likes to stay active and workout about five times a week. This being said he trains clients from time to time getting them to their fitness goals with his personal training certification. On weekends he likes to spend time with family and friends, and also read books.

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