Want To Know What You Can Do For Your Back While Pregnant?

Noemi Garcia Noemi Garcia

What can I say, today they saved my back. They showed me how to walk straight and feel normal again. The best par about it is that they took me right in and luckily were able to fit me in. The people are angels when you see the way they want to make you feel comfortable again

Denise Wehner Denise Wehner

"I have been recently treated by Frank Garza at PURE Physical Therapy. When I met Frank I had extreme pain in my lower back, tight hips, along with lower sciatic nerve pain. Just after 2 sessions I felt huge shifts physically and energetically. Frank had excellent intuition and insight of where the pain is originating. He has a big compassionate heart and TRUELY cares about his patients-he gives everyone his undivided attention during their treatments. If you are more comfortable being treated by a female practitioner, Frank's wife Amy is also a PT. She is great, super sweet, and very knowledgeable. She provided me with massage therapy and gave me some insight on my condition along with some yoga exercises. They both treat you with respect and answer all of your questions. I have no pain and a lot more flexibility due to their knowledge and kindness. Oh, and I can't forget to mention how AMAZING the staff is here. They are so friendly, that was the first thing I noticed. The facility is also very clean. Overall, Frank did an amazing job putting my back together! I now feel confident in performing normal every day exercises and my usual workout. Wow, thank you Frank and Amy! I would totally recommend you try them! They are both gifted practitioners and I am very grateful for the couple sessions I have had with them. What a wonderful experience at PURE PHYSICAL THERAPY. God Bless all of you and continued success! Happily, Denise

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