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The Most Important Phase of Training That Is Often Overlooked And Always Leads To Injury...

  • Are you an athlete that wants to get to the next level?
  • Do you play multiple sports throughout the course of the year with little rest?
  • Do you work through some aches and pain just to be able to complete?
  • Are you hitting a wall with your personal records and just cannot seem to break them?
  • Is the focus of your training on speed, olympic lifts, and sports drills?

Strength training and conditioning are vital parts required to be able to perform well in a sport at any level.  However, if you want to make it to collegiate or even professional level, there are important aspects of training that must be emphasized.  These aspects are crucial in preventing injury but are often overlooked and most always end a person's career.   For most young athletes their dreams and future goals are vanished because they failed or neglected this important phase of training, which has been proven through the literature, is an integral part of how our body grows and gets stronger, faster, and more resistant to injury.

Sustaining a season ending injury can completely ruin your dreams and hopes of possible getting to the next level.  Especially if you spent countless days and hours training and perfecting your craft by going to training gyms, competing in travel teams, and constantly practicing and trying to improve your speed, agility, and strength.

It can also be very frustrating to work really hard and not see the results of improved scores, personal bests, or 1 rep max even though you have been going to the gym for 6 weeks straight.

So why do you think that is.  I know when I was an athlete there were times I felt the same way.  You see I had an injury myself, had surgery, then couple of years later had a different injury on the same leg.  Those injuries put me out of what I thought was my career at the time.  I was not able to play college ball anymore and had to settle for just being able to play recreationally.  But if I knew then what I know now about training to get to the next level, maybe my story would be different.

So what is it? What is the secret to Training?

Well the phase of training that is often overlooked and not respected by athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents that is highly correlated with injuries is a phase called RECOVERY....

In order to fully understand it please watch the video..

It may seems really simple but if it were then why are we not implementing it and helping those get to the next level...

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