Before I got therapy I was feeling a lot of pain on my arm, limited activities, really frustated of not being able to do basic personal needs without pain, struggle, or help. I thought I had to suffer pain and and not normal use of my arm forever. During therapy I have feeling better, my regular activities have improved almost normal. The pain is just sometimes and not as strong as before, I feel spoiled, staff care about my pain and my arm. Thank you!!!
Sara C.
When I was first referred to Pure Physical Therapy, I wasn't very optimistic since I had been dealing with the pain for nearly 18 months; however, even after a few sessions, I became confident that I could have less pain and more mobility. The therapists are second to none when it comes to total dedication to their clients. I see it not just with myself but with all who come for therapy. I have recommended Pure Physical Therapy to others that I know because I truly believe that they are going to do the best they can by anyone who comes to them for therapy. They are totally dedicated and caring for all who seek therapy. I hope they succeed in everything they do. They deserve much success.
Jeannette L.
My husband and I, ages 75 and 79, had lower back discomfort but Amy and Jackie showed us stretching and exercising to help us feel better! We thought the discomfort was a part of old age but found we can feel better with the correct exercises and stretching. The helpful staff looked into our insurance benefits and got referrals from our doctors. They are a very important part of this office. Come to see them and discover better health and fitness.
Joyce T.
The office staff and assistants were very helpful and efficient. The facility was very clean and bright and conducive to healing. My very attentive and caring physical therapist, Amy Garza, listened patiently as I explained why I was there and what was going on with my body. After a few muscle tests, she tuned into my problem (my sacroliliac) which was causing many problems with my hips (one of which had a muscle strain a while back), my knees & ankles. She did some hands-on therapy, had me do some exercises and stretches and the results were immediate. I was sent home with some print out exercises and after only one day of doing them, I am feeling so much better. All in all, a very good experience that helped me immensely.
Evette B.
While there was no signs ant success regarding my knee pain, it was not due to the lack of effort by frank, Amy or Jackie. The effort they put in to use various approaches was superb. They rate well for recommrndation to others. Thanks to all including the office staff. J R beilke
John B.
I loved how we were treated like family. The fact y o u would text me to see how my Beth was doing but yet even ask how I was doing was great. And I saw her improve alot and she loves going there I recommend you guys to everyone tks again
Dina E.
Great job! They worked with me with the few times I could afford. They showed me exercises that I am continuing at home. So grateful. Feeling better!
Melba G.
I am a 71 year old female. I suffer from arthritis in my knees. I started having pain about 15 years ago. I couldn't stand or walk for a long periods of time, not more than 30 min. Since I started coming to Pure Therapy in 4 weeks time I feel more balance when I walk. I can bend down without a lot of pain in my knees, And when taking a bath, washing my feet or picking up something on floor. I feel more energized when I get up in the morning. I feel more strength in my legs, and can walk more with less pain. I want to thank all the staff for doing a wonderful job. Hope to see you all again, Thanks.
Gloria A.
Frank and staff of Physical Therapy i'm glad I came to them. All together, did a wonderful work on my body. I had a terrible time to walk normally, but Frank and the rest of his staff got me going. Now, that I can walk normal. I'll tell this, I can dance my polkas and Shotez, but I can't run haha. Frank keep up the work you and your staff, have done to me. God bless all of you.
Adalberto A.
Gracias ala ayuda que recibí de la therapy, me siento maravillosamente aliviada de mis dolores es mucho lo que pudieron hacer por mi. Agradesco a todo el personal sus atenciones y muy especialmente al doctor Frank.
Bertha Castro
I came to Pure because I had a hip replacement and revision and 10 days later the hip dislocated. After surgery my right leg is 1/2" longer than the left so I needed to learn to walk correctly again and strengthen all my muscles involved. I received excellent therapy by all therapists involved at pure. In addition to all the help i received. I appreciated all the wonderful attitudes and personalities of each individual at Pure. Thank you Frank, Amy, Austin, Rufus and the whole gang.
Nancy Kroeker
I had constant headaches for a long time. My doctor referred me here. My therapist figured out it was a pinched nerve, and now I don't have any more headaches like that. I like that overtime I came they would show me in right away and there were no long waits. The therapist did warmth therapy, massages and other procedures, and he explained everything very well. I'm glad I came, I would recommend this place to friends and family, and would come back here myself if I need to.
Arturo Garcia
When I first came in I had a lot of pain in my right hip and low back. I could not walk and had trouble standing and getting out of bed. Amy and Frank did an outstanding job on my right leg and back. I feel So good that I can now put on my socks on my own. Thanks to Pure PT I can now enjoy time with my family as my balance is better and I can walk.
Reyes Garcia
I suffered from vertigo for about a year and a half. I was under medication for a long time. The medication made me drowsy through out the day to the point that i wasn't able to be myself. I googled and learned that vertigo are some crystals that are loosed in our ear that causes unbalanced fluid. I learned about Pure Physical Therapy and met Frank. Frank worked on me and explained to me in detail about the therapy ever since my office visit I have been free from vertigo.
Andy Leos
Before I came to pure it hurt to move my right shoulder after 2 days of therapy my shoulder felt great as time progressed the pain did not come back. I want to thank pure for all they did for me.
Jeremy Williams
To anybody who has concern about this place (Pure Physical Therapy) I will tell you that you will feel GREAT after it. Again thanks for your help. (Amy and Frank).
Roy Aleman
In mid August I had a partial knee replacement and shortly thereafter started therapy with Pure X Physical Therapy. The first few weeks a physical therapy student, Sam Lopez, worked with me. Sam was very knowledgable about the therapy I required to regain my range of motion and strength back in my right leg. Same made the therapy sessions go by with less discomfort by distracting me with good conversation. Upon Sam's graduation i'd recommend hiring him. Amy worked with me to complete my therapy sessions. She made what I find unpleasant task more tolerable. Long story short I regained as much range of motion as can be expected for the type of surgery I had. I am still continuing to regain muscle strength with follow up exercises. One word of advice. Enter therapy with a positive "military style" attitude, no pain no gain, push yourself and stick with it.
John Deck
Muchas gracias a Pure Physical Therapy por ayudarme con mi recuperación en la rodilla. Fue un placer el haber trabajado con ustedes. Me siento y estoy mucho mejor de mi rodilla. Gracias al trabajo de ustedes. Ahora siento mas fuerza y me siento mucho mejor para regresar a mi trabajo. Muchas gracias por su ayuda.
Javier Garcia
It's a great place to get therapy when i started therapy on my knee I felt very limited on the things I could do. Mrs. Amy was great, has lots of patience, great instructions and exercises to get me back at 100%. Thank you very much for the treatment. I never had to wait my appointments always started on time. I was always called/ texted to confirm my appointments. The complete staff at Pure Physical Therapy is very professional.
Richard Idrogo
I really enjoyed my therapy sessions. Whenever you come you make me feel so welcome. I'm really glad I chose Pure Physical Therapy to help me get back to playing the sport I love! you push me to be/do better and I thank each and every one of you.
Joscelyn Moncayo
Cuando comencé la terapia me salió co mucho dolor. Aunque todavía los tengo, ya puedo manejarlo mejor. Me gusto y me sentí muy gusto con todo el personal es muy profesional y capacitado aparte de su amabilidad. Se que si tengo que se en el futuro tengo que tomar terapia ya tengo un lugar donde venir. Muchos gracias por todos sus atenciones.
Sonia Fuentes
Me trato muy bien los trabajadores son muy amables.
San Juana Rios
I went in with a bad knee couldn't walk without feeling pain after 2 weeks of therapy I felt much better and able to do much more walking. Thank you staff.
Irma Garza
My time at pure physical therapy has been nothing but beneficial for me. I feel a great improvement only after a couple of days. I would recommend it to anyone.
Julian Anzaldua
I had a great experience. I honestly didn't think therapy was going to help me but it has I'm glad I came here. My shoulder feels a lot better and getting better every week.
Ruben Hernandez
When I had my first visit here, I was in a lot of pain. I have progress immensely since then. I had trouble doing the bike, but i finally did it and am now just using the walking cane. Thanks to Amy, Ric, and Same for all their help and the personnel letting me feel at home. I have enjoy my therapy here and will recommend it to others. Thank you and God Bless us.
Maria Salinas
Had a great time with the workouts. They have definitely made an improvement. They very points that were hurting were worked on. We'll definitely recommend your business.
Maria Henry
These people are great! They function as a cohesive team! I was treated as though I was the most important client they have. Did I make progress? You bet! I feel much better as my pain level has been greatly reduced.
Woody White
I am an aged person who normally is very active participating in a variety of activities including playing golf. I have been side-lined due to a faulty back and have been seeking relief without surgery. I am very comfortable at this physical therapy, they make you feel very comfortable and they work hard to help alleviate your physical problem. They also consider your input in their treatment plan.
Maurine Smith
Yo Olivia Moreno Rodriguez testifico que no hay otro lugar mejor que Pure X Physical Therapy. Cuando yo llege que tenia mucho dolor y Frank y esposa Amy me dieron mi vida me quitaron mi dolor mas me alentaron a seguir trabajando haciendo ejercicios.
Olivia Moreno Rodrigue
Just wanted to say that I am so happy with the treatment I am being provided with . I am so comfortable at your office, everyone is so friendly and accommodating--not to mention the office is so clean. ...and most importantly the treatment is amazing! I am already feeling so much relief. Very satisfied and will be providing a yelp review at the end of my treatment . Thanks
Denise Wehner
TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY after yesterday when I was told I was going to need knee surgery. After seeing Dr. Garza and giving me his evaluation on my knee he advised me to consider waiting to do the surgery. He did not see it as an urgent matter since I did not have pain. We are going to start therapy next Tuesday. I just needed to hear from another MEDICAL EXPERT on the choice of having surgery. He was VERY PROFESSIONAL AND DETAILED ON all he did to evaluate my knee. I am looking forward to these therapy visits and having A POSITIVE OUTLOOK on what can come out of these sessions, Thank the LORD for sending me to these ANGELS
Noemi Garcia
Since I have started my PT sessions here at Pure, I cannot comment enough on their staff and friendly service which they provide. From their knowledge to their approach of how to reduce my discomfort has been top class! Prior to coming to Pure, I had been feeling numbness in both arms and hands due to narrowing of my C6 & C7 vertebrates. My PT sessions have been super effective in isolating my pain to right scapular muscles. I am satisfied with future treatment as in such a little time I have noticed drastic results! This is what I was told by both Mr. and Mrs. Garza when I started, "You will see results and we will help combat your pain discomfort." My functionality and movement in my arms and shoulders do not feel restricted and i have full range of motion. Yard work and cleaning tasks (raking and sweeping) before I had trouble with. Lately I am not paying a cleaning lady because i can do it! Thank you!
Robert Barriere
Muy especial las secretarias el personal de la terapia y todos en general lo macimo.
Juan Ortiz
When i first got to Pure Physical therapy I was in extreme lower back pain. I could barely sit down and had great difficulty getting up from a chair or out of bed. Amy began working with me and little be little i began to feel less pain and was more mobile. Now i don't feel any back pain and i have a great set of exercises that i will continue to use moving forward to strengthen my back. I'm very grateful and impressed with Amy, Frank, and their staff for their knowledge, gentle hands and professionalism. I will definitely recommend Pure Physical Therapy to anyone I know needing physical therapy.
Louella Herrera
Before I felt 50% good after 2 weeks went up to 90% better.
David Cantu
When I came to Pure PT I was in such pain in the back of my head. It radiated down my left arm and even to my middle fingers. After Amy discovered what was causing the stenosis they, Jackie and Amy, worked on me three days a week for eight weeks. Now I can sleep the night through and do the exercises they offered me to do at home. My pain is gone even though I know I'll need to be conscious of my posture and continue my exercises. The staff of Pure Therapy are top notch and certainly helped me. I'll always remember them and refer any friend that asked me if I know a good physical therapy. I'll tell them "sure I know the best there is- Pure PT".
Marilyn Eisenmenger
When I came in I was in excruciating pain. I didn't think I had a remedy, but they proved me wrong. I wanted to give up but i’m so thankful that Dr. Manohar for referring me here. I had a lot of trouble walking, practically stumbling, but now I walk with confidence. I can sleep better. I can stay standing for long periods of time without feeling tired or pain. I’m proud cause i can leave here with a smile on my face. I wanted to say “thank you” to everyone who made me feel better. I also wanted to congratulate Frank, Austin, Rufus, Victor, Victoria, Kim, Michelle, Liz, Ashley and everyone else. They are a good asset to the company. They are always happy and nice to everyone. Good luck! and God Bless!
Ramiro Huerta
I have been recently treated by Frank Garza at Pure Physical Therapy. When I met Frank I had extreme pain in my lower back, tight hips along with lower sciatic nerve pain. Just after 2 sessions I felt huge shifts physically and energetically. Frank has excellent intuition and insight of where the pain is originating from. He has a big compassionate heart and TRUELY cares about his patients—he gives everyone his undivided attention during their treatments. What I also loved is Frank emailed me photos of the exercises we went over during treatment. If you are more comfortable being treated by a female practitioner Frank’s wife Amy is also a PT. She is great, super sweet and very knowledgable. She provided me with massage therapy and gave me some insight on my condition along with some yoga exercises. They both treat you with respect and answer all of your questions. I have no pain and a lot more flexibility due to their knowledge and kindness. Unlike most Physical Therapists I have been to in the past Frank did a lot more work with me both hands on and with the exercises he taught me. Oh and I can’t forget to mention how AMAZING the staff is here. They are so friendly..that was the first thing I noticed. The facility is also very clean. Overall, Frank did an Amazing job putting my back together! I was in a lot of pain and now I have Zero pain!! My back feels great and I have more range of motion in my hips and waist. Most importantly, I now feel confident in performing normal every day exercises and my usual workout. Wow thank you Frank and Amy! I would recommend their healing work to all and anyone. I would totally recommend you try them! They are both gifted practitioners and I am very grateful for the couple sessions I have had with them. I cant thank you guys enough for all the treatment and info which you provided me with. What a wonderful experience at PURE PHYSICAL THERAPY. God Bless all of you and continued success! Happily, Denise
Denise W.

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