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Pure Physical Therapy provides pain relief McAllen, TX Dec1st 2020

Robert B.

When I came to Pure Physical Therapy I was experiencing great discomfort in my upper back, neck, and right shoulder. My range of motion and posture was hindered due to pain. I started to notice a great improvement in my range of motion. I made it my personal goal to not use pain meds and use all the therapeutic exercises daily!

Pure Physical Therapy provides pain relief McAllen, TX Dec1st 2020

Sabrina D.

Before coming to Pure it was hard to sit for long periods of time which made it very difficult to study for school. After working with Richard I feel so much better! The pain in my hip and back is gone and I don’t have to worry about it interfering with my daily routine anymore.

Marilyn-E Dec1st 2020

Marilyn E.

I had this same pain three years ago so I knew right away what I needed to do. Unlike three years ago when I waited and tried to lessen the pain with heat packs, I came right back here to Pure PT. Ivan knew right away what caused the pain; poor posture! Ivan immediately started me on a three day a week regimen on pulling my compressed spine plus strengthening my muscles.

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