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Category: Balance/Gait

Anon Dec1st 2020


On December 8th, I was involved in a serious accident that left multiple fractures to my pelvis and deep scar tissue to my right thigh. I was in bed visit rest for three months. I was worried that the muscles in my leg wouldn’t regain the strength they had. We came into Pure Physical Therapy and spoke to Mr. Frank Garza. After the evaluation, Mr. Garza asked what I expected out of PT. I told him, “to go back to using my leg, back at 100%,” he looked at me and said, “let’s do it then” with a nod of confidence. They gave me the push I needed to walk again.

William-T Dec1st 2020

William T.

When I first came here I needed the support of the stabilizer staff. My legs and back were so frozen up I barely could walk with much difficulty for sure. I now can walk with confidence and can go most places without my stabilizer staff on my walker and for all this improvement.

Gonzalo-B Dec1st 2020

Gonzalo B.

When I first came here I had trouble standing and walking. The variety of exercises have had an effect on my overall being. The stretches have strengthened my knees to the point that I can stand for a while longer. My walking has improved somewhat and I don’t feel as wobbly as I used to.

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