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Category: poor posture

Marilyn-E Dec1st 2020

Marilyn E.

I had this same pain three years ago so I knew right away what I needed to do. Unlike three years ago when I waited and tried to lessen the pain with heat packs, I came right back here to Pure PT. Ivan knew right away what caused the pain; poor posture! Ivan immediately started me on a three day a week regimen on pulling my compressed spine plus strengthening my muscles.

Miguel-O-D Dec1st 2020

Miguel O.

When I first came here I could barely turn my neck, had trouble moving my arms and shoulders in a fluid motion. I feel that great progress has occurred in six short weeks of therapy. Thank you very much to Dr. Frank Garza and Amy Garza who promised me since day one that I would have great improvement both in my posture and mobility which they did.

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