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Category: Shoulder

Pure Physical Therapy provides pain relief McAllen, TX Dec1st 2020

Robert B.

When I came to Pure Physical Therapy I was experiencing great discomfort in my upper back, neck, and right shoulder. My range of motion and posture was hindered due to pain. I started to notice a great improvement in my range of motion. I made it my personal goal to not use pain meds and use all the therapeutic exercises daily!

Hugo-G Dec1st 2020

Hugo G.

I got hit by a car while riding my bike. The whole right side of my body hurt including my back, hip joint, shoulder etc. Even sitting for a few minutes hurt. Little by little Richard, Frank and Amy started chipping away at the pain until I was able to resume my active lifestyle. Now I’m training for a half marathon in March and hopefully a full marathon in June. These therapists are awesome!

Gumesindo-G Dec1st 2020

Gumesindo G.

I came here because I have a slap injury on my left shoulder and right knee, needless to say I suffered pain on both. My main concern was my shoulder, I had trouble sleeping and in constant pain. Well after twice a week therapy for two months I can honestly say my pain level went from sometimes 10 to about 6, it is now between 2-0. Doctors had told me I needed surgery so I’m glad I saw Frank Garza on Facebook even at my worst level of pain after therapy I can tolerate the low level of pain without medication.

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