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Category: Sports Injuries

Pure Physical Therapy provides pain relief McAllen, TX Dec1st 2020

Briseyda V.

Coming into Pure Physical Therapy for the second time due to my second knee surgery I knew the huge challenge I had ahead of me. The main thing I was afraid to tear was my ACL, and it so happened I tore it during my basketball game. I would always come into therapy crying since I wanted to be back on the court. I had a dream of playing college basketball, and when I wanted to give up, the wonderful people at Pure Physical Therapy made me see otherwise. They never let me give up and they’re a big reason I will be playing college basketball at Houston-Tillotsan university in Austin, TX.

Hugo-G Dec1st 2020

Hugo G.

I got hit by a car while riding my bike. The whole right side of my body hurt including my back, hip joint, shoulder etc. Even sitting for a few minutes hurt. Little by little Richard, Frank and Amy started chipping away at the pain until I was able to resume my active lifestyle. Now I’m training for a half marathon in March and hopefully a full marathon in June. These therapists are awesome!

Natalie-L Dec1st 2020

Natalie L.

Before coming to Pure Physical Therapy I was unable to ride my bike for long periods of time without my foot falling sleep and having to stop during my ride to stretch out my back. After treatment with the amazing staff at Pure Physical Therapy I was able to complete a 250 mile bike ride to San Antonio with little to no pain.

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