Treating Chronic Pain with Laser Therapy

Treating Chronic Pain with Laser Therapy Jan15th 2020

Americans are suffering from a chronic pain epidemic. Pain is a major concern for seniors, many of whom are already coping with health problems associated with age, including cognitive issues, a decline in mobility, and other chronic conditions. However, pain doesn’t limit itself to seniors. A 2016 CDC survey found that an estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults (50.0 million) had chronic pain and 8.0% of U.S. adults (19.6 million) had high-impact chronic pain – with higher prevalence associated with advancing age.

There are three main types of pain, classified based on where it originates:

  • Somatic pain is caused when receptors in the body surface or musculoskeletal tissues are activated. Pain usually takes the form of a dull ache and is often exacerbated by activity.
  • Neuropathic pain originates in the spinal cord and peripheral nerves as a result of a malfunction or injury, and manifests as a stinging, tingling, burning, or pins and needles sensation.
  • Visceral pain, the most common form of pain, is caused by damage or injury to internal organs. Visceral pain is often described as deep squeezing, dull, or diffuse which can make it hard to localize.

We all suffer acute pain from time to time; pain becomes chronic when it lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months or if it persists after an injury has fully healed. Persistent pain can be more than just uncomfortable; over time, it can begin to take a toll on your mental wellbeing and seriously impact your quality of life.

But you don’t have to suffer endlessly. At Pure Physical Therapy, we offer laser therapy for pain to treat a variety of conditions.

Laser Therapy for Pain

Modern medicine has given us many pharmaceutical options to mask the effects of pain by blocking signals to the brain. However, as each type of pain uses a different biological mechanism, no one medication can be effective for all patients.

A growing body of research conducted over the past decade shows that Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) produces anti-inflammatory effects which contribute to pain relief.The bio-modulative mechanisms of LLLT address all three known cellular pathways, which means that when the dosage is properly adjusted it can mitigate all types of chronic pain.

Laser therapy is a unique, drug-free, non-invasive and non-immunosuppressive therapeutic modality that reduces pain and inflammation right at the source. The bio-stimulating effects of laser therapy also cause an increase in tissue regeneration and accelerated healing.

To find out more about how laser therapy at Pure Physical Therapy can help you ease the pain, request a consultation today.

Laser Therapy For Pain in McAllen, TX

At Pure Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists in McAllen, TX, is dedicated to helping people heal. We understand how debilitating chronic pain can be, and we’re committed to providing thorough, compassionate care to those in need. When you come to us, we’ll take the time to assess your condition and develop a customized treatment plan. And you’ll be treated with respect every step of the way. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our laser therapy for pain.

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