Pure Physical Therapy of McAllen, TX is proud to offer a selection of workshops designed to be fun and educational.

Girls ACL Workshop

ACL Prevention Workshop

Live Workshop with Dr. Frank Garza PT. This program is intended to educate families about sport injuries in females and how to prevent them.

Prevent Falls and Improve Balance

FREE Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop

Live without fear of falls. This workshop will inform you on how to prevent falls and improve balance.

Fitness Training Workshop

Fitness Training Workshop

Learn the secrets of losing weight and building strength without the need for heavy equipment or expensive gym memberships.

Hip Pain Workshop

FREE Hip Pain Workshop

Move past excruciating, post-surgery hip pain. Learn why you are still suffering and steps to take to move toward recovery.

Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop

FREE Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop

Join us as we reveal how to heal back pain and sciatica with medications, injections or surgery.

Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Workshop

Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Workshop

Is a torn rotator cuff the cause of your shoulder pain? Join us for this informative workshop and learn how to heal without medications, injections or surgery.

Overcome Back Pain While Pregnant

What to do for your back while pregnant

Its not your belly that is carrying your baby…it’s your back! Learn how to overcome back pain while you are pregnant.